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TRS Customer Profile Guidelines

TRS Customer Profile is a feature to help speed up call processing for all STS calls. Below are the guidelines for the TRS Customer Profile.

Step 1:

Fill out the TRS Customer Profile.

  1. To create your TRS Customer Profile, click “Register” and create your username & password.
  2. To update your TRS Customer Profile, sign in with your username & password, then click “Sign in”.
  3. In your TRS Customer Profile, select “Speech-to-Speech” tab and set your preferences.

Step 2:

Place a STS call using your completed TRS Customer Profile.

  1. Dial 877-787-2660 for STS service.
  2. Instruct the STS operator to use your TRS Customer Profile.
  3. Provide the STS operator your username and phone number from your TRS Customer Profile.
  4. The STS operator connects the call.
  5. Your spoken words are repeated to the other party per your TRS Customer Profile instructions.
  6. The other party talks directly to you.

Need Assistance?

T-Mobile Accessibility Care  for assistance with your TRS Customer Profile and/or your STS Call Setup form.

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