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“STS Call Me” Cards

The “STS Call Me” cards are for you to share with people who want to call you. Print out the cards, fill in your name & phone number and then give them to people who may want to call you through the Speech-to-Speech service.

Speech-to-Speech Flyer

Here’s a flyer about STS service to make it easy to share with others.

TRS Customer Profile for STS Users

Instead of the online TRS Customer Profile form, you may print out and complete this TRS Customer Profile form and submit it via mail or fax.  The instructions for sending via mail and fax are at the bottom of this form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Speech-to-Speech (STS)

How do I set up a TRS Customer Profile for a STS user?
TRS Customer Profile is an optional feature to help speed up call processing for all STS calls.
1. Go to TRS Customer Profile.
2. Click “Register” and create your username & password.
3. Sign in to complete your TRS Customer Profile.
4. The following features are available in the TRS Customer Profile:
• Frequently Dialed numbers
• Call Preferences
• Notes (Instructions to the STS operator for your calls)
• Permissions (Block Numbers)
• Speech-to-Speech (Calling Handling Options)

Or you may download or print the TRS Customer Profile for STS Users, complete and then send by:
• Address: T-Mobile Accessibility Care, P.O. Box 29230 – KSOPHE020, Shawnee Mission, KS  66201-9230
• Fax:  877-877-3291
• Email:

Contact T-Mobile Accessibility Care (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at 877-787-1989 if you would like assistance with your TRS Customer Profile.

What kind of information should I include in my STS Call Setup?
STS Call Setup is an optional feature to help speed up call processing for a specific STS call. TRS Customer Profile (see above) is required before using the STS Call Setup form.

Complete the STS Call Setup form online at least 2 hours before your STS call. Your STS Call Setup form will be saved for up to 24 hours. On this form, you can provide:

• Phone number and name of person/business you plan to call

• Announcement for STS operator to make to the person/business at the start of your STS call (e.g., “This is John calling to check on my puppy.”)

• Instructions for STS operator (e.g., details about the subject of the call, call handling preferences, or anything to make the call easier)

Contact T-Mobile Accessibility Care (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at 877-787-1989 if you would like to have assistance with your STS Call Setup.

Can I request a specific STS operator?
No, we cannot accept requests for specific STS operators.

Can the STS operator make calls or leave messages for me without me calling in?
STS users must initiate each call. The STS operator facilitates the conversation between a STS user and other party.

Can I make a reservation for a STS call?
No. All calls are on a first-come basis.

Is this information confidential?
Yes, all STS calls are completely confidential.

How far in advance may I do my STS Call Setup?
You may complete and submit your STS Call Setup up to 24 hours in advance. The STS Call Setup is used to assist processing your STS call during that time period.

Is it acceptable for the STS user to give several instructions to the operator before the call?
Yes, the STS user can instruct the operator how they would like their call to be announced, handled and any information about the call that may help the STS operator complete a successful call.

What is T-Mobile IP Relay service?
This T-Mobile internet-based relay service (T-Mobile IP Relay) is available for people who are Deaf, Hard or Hearing, DeafBlind or those with a Speech Disability. The relay operator reads aloud the message you type to the other party and types the other party’s spoken message to you. You can use any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (iOS or Android-powered) with an internet connection to communicate with anyone using the T-Mobile IP Relay service. Registration is required. Visit T-Mobile IP Relay for additional information.

Can I use STS for my international calls?
You can make international calls through Speech-to-Speech service. People outside the US wanting to call you should dial 605-224-1837 to reach a STS operator.

How can I make a 911 emergency call?

In the event of an emergency, dial 911 directly. You may use the Speech-to-Speech service by dialing 877-787-2606 (or *787 if your wireless phone is on the T-Mobile network) to call 911 services.  Using STS services may not be as fast as dialing 911 directly. Be prepared to provide your full name, description of emergency and location.

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