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(STS) Service


This service is designed for people who have a Speech Disability. With Speech-to-Speech (STS), you can make and receive phone calls with confidence. A STS operator is specially trained to understand speech patterns and ensure that you will be understood. STS service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All calls are confidential. This service is available in English-to-English and Spanish-to-Spanish.

How does Speech-to-Speech (STS) work?

Dial 877-787-2660:
Provide the area code and telephone number of the party you wish to call.
Instruct the STS operator to:
• repeat your words upon request or re-voice your entire side of conversation
• allow your voice to be heard or mute your voice (the other party will hear the STS operator only)

Or complete these forms prior to your STS call to help speed up call processing:
TRS Customer Profile is a feature for your STS calls.
STS Call Setup is an optional feature for a specific STS call.
Then, dial 877-787-2660 and provide your username and the name of the other party you wish to call.

The STS operator will dial the number and connect you to the other party.
1. You speak on your phone.
2. The STS operator repeats you spoken words to the other party per your instructions.
3. The other party talks directly to you.


The other party may call you by dialing 877-787-2660 and giving your phone number to the STS operator.

Watch how a STS call works

Here’s how a STS user, Andy, communicates on his calls.

Video Description

Wireless *STS

*787 for Speech-to-Speech (STS) Service

Is your wireless phone on the T-Mobile network?

If yes, you can dial *787 instead of 877-787-2660 to reach Speech-to-Speech (STS) service!

Here’s a helpful hint – remember the number *787 by spelling *STS on the dial pad of your wireless phone.